Spark SDR 1.0 beta 7

Be warned this is beta software and has had far less testing than the pre 1.0 versions.


This initial release will only work on Windows 8.1 64bit and above.

The Visual Studio 2017 redistributable is needed

Only Hermes Lite radios are supported


Simply unzip to a directory of your choice and run sparksdr.exe

Settings and error logs will be saved in c:\users\##YOU##\AppData\Roaming\m0nnb\sparksdr. This has changed from the pre 1.0 code so old settings will not be used or affected.

There are now two log files of interest, log.txt and sparkcore.log

Release Notes

Hermes Lite 2 current calibration corrected

Known Issues

Compound callsigns cannot be sent in FT8 mode.

The Audio resampler control is currently disabled so audio may not be as good as previous versions.

Many performance features are disabled so cpu load may not be optimal (but should not be bad).

The new panafall display is a work in progress.

Please report any bugs / comments to SparkSDR Google group

Previous Releases

Hermes Lite 2 current calibration corrected

Initial support for fwd and reverse power and swr display

Separate volume and agc for rx and tx

Only compatible audio devices listed (must be defaulted to 48Khz)

1.0beta 4

Multipsk support added for Multipsk 4.34.1 or later

1.0beta 3

Initial FT8 support added.

PSKReporter enabled.

S meter calibration added to radio settings.

1.0beta 2