Spark SDR

Software for Hermes Lite and openHPSDR sdr radios

It has a number of interesting features:-

SparkSDR runs on windows 7,8 and 10 and linux x64.

Transmission is currently restricted to only work with the hermes lite, receive should work for other openHPSDR compatible radios but some features such as filter switching may not work.

There is a Google group for discussion here and there is a thread here that covers the early development.


SparkSDR 2.0


This image shows the software working with a 32 receiver bemicro CVA9 Hermes Lite with 30 virtual receivers decoding wspr, JT65/9, psk and ssb over 10 bands using 13 hardware receivers .

This image shows the software working with a 2 receiver bemicroCV Hermes Lite with 5 virtual receivers decoding wspr, JT65/9 and sstv over two bands.